A delicious moment to share at la Fromagerie

Make hand-crafted cheese from beginning to end

Cheese making takes place in the evening from 6:30 pm and is done by our master cheesemaker who prepares the cheese by hand over a wood fire. 

Making cheese involves several stages in which you can take part:

  • Heating (30 minutes)
  • Curdling the milk with bacteria, formation of curds (30 minutes)
  • Cooking the curds (30 minutes)
  • Extraction of curds and pressing them into a mould
  • Preparation of the round of cheese
  • Tasting

We produce three types of cheese:

  • Leysin hard cheese
  • Leysin semi-hard cheese
  • Sérac

In the summer months, the demonstration is only held on Fridays; in the winter months it takes place more frequently.

Give us a call for more information about our demonstrations.